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Branding Portraits
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Forest Portrait Sessions
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Forest Portraits
Larger than LIFE_By Mimi VP-12


Powerful imagery that appeals to your audience

How can Professional Photography help your business?

When presenting your business into the market place, you want to create an impact with your audience

In turn this will:-

  • CONVERT visitors into buyers
  • Bring your client CLOSER to your brand
  • DRIVE traffic to your website
  • Turn low performing products into BEST SELLERS
  • INCREASE the perceived value of your product
  • Be seen as COMPETITORS in your market place
  • Reinforce your PROFESSIONALISM
  • TELL your story

If you want to raise brand awareness and facilitates sales in a digital market place using powerful imagery that resonates with your client is not a luxury, its a must.


"Mimi has done an amazing job on our team photos. I run a design agency so I know how much first impressions matter to business. Mimi's made me and my team look great and we all had a lot of fun in the process."

Rob Stevens - Owner of Target Ink

Who is: Mimi Van Praagh?

I would describe myself as confident and outgoing and believe my personality comes through in my concepts and visual creations.

I have a marketing background so appreciate the importance of understanding the needs of my client and their objectives.


  • My artistic style will make your content look amazing
  • I’m easy to work with and love to help with logistics
  • You’re hiring a professional with 14 years of experience
  • I come with with high end Canon cameras and a wide selection of lenses
  • My outgoing personality results in a fun and relaxed day
  • All projects are turned round between 48 and 72 hours

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please get in touch below:-

I find it so rewarding to help my clients enjoy themselves in front of the camera and to see their smiles when they look at the results.

Mimi Van Praagh, Commercial Photographer

Get In Touch

If you have a project in mind, please tell me more:-


+ Why do you want to get photos taken.

+ When do you want the project completed.

+ What style did you have in mind.


Once I receive your email I will get back to you within 24 hours.


All the best


Mimi 🙂