We can come with a million reasons why we shouldn’t step outdoors in winter, but here are:

10 reasons why you’ll love a winter portrait session

  1. Because you love the wind blowing around your face, the trees dancing behind you, and beautiful dramatic backdrops that produce unique images.
  2. Because you love you little ones with ruddy cheeks, winter coats, boots and scarves because it makes everyone look wintery and warm.Winter Portrait Session East Sussex by Mimi VP
  3. Because you love certain places in winter as there’s a chance you’ll have it all to yourselves
  4. Because you know once you get outdoors and get the legs moving, it blows all the cobwebs away.Boy in a field in Winter by Mimi VP
  5. Because when you return home you’ll be happy that you’ve had your family exercise for the day.
  6. Because your children love jumping in muddy puddles, collecting interesting treasures, playing pooh sticks, running down verges, running in general climbing trees, swinging from branches…..the list goes on.
  7. Because your family love adventure, the wet forest floor, the dark bark, leafless trees and because its an alternative to the hot, stifling, Summer’s day.
  8. Because stopping for a hot chocolate after the walk makes your adventure truly worthwhile.
  9. Because when the sun is out in winter, it is clearer, brighter, fresher and crisper than any other time of year.
  10. Because a Family portrait session doesn’t have to be a formal, studio shot where everyone needs to look straight at the cameraFather and daughter on a bridge by Mimi VP

For me, great family photographs are taken when everyone is doing what they enjoy. This way we create relaxed, natural portraits of your family that depict what makes your family special, whether that’s through your smiles, a touch or the little looks between each other that captures your unique bond.

If you are interested in classical portraiture that are about the adventure of childhood, images that will record your family in beautiful photographs that you and your children will enjoy looking at for years to come, then I’d love to hear from you.

Please send me an email, or contact me via the contact form and we can schedule in a date to create pictures that are full of memories.

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