Lucky for us girls this is the one time that we can step and let the men do all the work. And in this case Dieter exercised his role of groom to be to perfection.

Dieter and Loys are both from Belgium and come to Marbella regularly on holiday. Dieter emailed me from his hometown some weeks before to plan the romantic gesture to his beautiful girlfriend Loys. Together we came up with the location and time to propose and the added touches of rose petals and a waiting bottle of chilled champagne.

He decided he he wanted photos paparazzi style to capture the romantic moment he dropped to one knee and presented the ring. With everything in place, we organised a quick rehearsal the day before to make sure that everything went according to plan.

Although on the day, I think I was more nervous than him. I managed to take 3 wrong turnings, and thank goodness I’d left plenty of time, otherwise the proposal may well have happened before I got there. I pegged it down to the jetty scattering down the petals, getting the champers ready and sweating over the fact that there were rather a lot of people there all with cameras and all milling around.

When I spied Dieter arrive with Loys I went round and explained why I was there, and fortunately everyone was kind enough to move out out of view. So Loys and Dieter passed me, Loys oblivious that the scattered flowers and looming, pregnant photographer was hanging about waiting for the moment Dieter dropped to one knee.

Everything seemed to go perfectly to plan, she was shocked and surprised, and most importantly delighted!

Champagne to follow and some relaxed portraits of the two of them in post proposal bliss before they they trailed off hand in hand to their dinner reservation to plan the rest of their life together.

I’m so honoured and pleased to have been a part in the start of something so special. They are an amazing couple, and 10 out of 10 to Dieter who proved that romance isn’t dead.

Wedding and engagement portraits - Marbella

Dieter drops to one knee
Wedding and engagement portraits - Marbella
Shocked, surprised, delighted.
Wedding and engagement portraits - Marbella
She says yes
Wedding and engagement portraits - Marbella
Everyone on the pier claps
Wedding and engagement portraits - Marbella
Dieter did well on the ring
Wedding and engagement portraits - Marbella
Its massive!

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-8

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-9

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-11 Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-12

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-14

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-16 Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-17

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-18

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-20

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-21

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-22

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-23 Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-24

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-25

Dieter&Loys_Engagement Shoot-29

Congratulations Dieter and Loys!!!