Studio Time: Portrait Session

January 17, 2011

With 8 weeks of pregnancy left, I thought it best to make the most of my child free status and run for the border for a final fling of guilt free photography.

Never again will I be able to spend hours in front of the computer or behind the camera without a nagging guilt that I have told will never leave me once parenthood arrives.

After reading a testimonial about the Studio Time workshop from Miss Aniela (I´m a big fan – check her out on flickr) I decided I had nothing to fear except my husband.

It was definitely worth it, we got the chance to practice high key and low key lighting and the type of effects they produce, the above picture uses low key lighting to get that moody, bedroom look. The best bit was meeting some lovely fellow photographers and getting the chance to exchange ideas and experiences.

I don´t know when I´ll get the chance to do this again, or if I´ll remember it all but it was good while it lasted.

Here are the other images from the shoot!