I think I’ve mentioned before that the thing I love about photography is that there is always something new to learn.

Often I try out new technics, new styles of photography and most of the time they come out terribly, or I can’t quite grasp the effect of what I wanted to achieve and I abandon ship. Sometimes I don’t go near an image for weeks, or months, or at all, because I’m scared that I won’t be able to fulfil my vision. But I keep telling myself that that’s normal, and if we weren’t scared from time to time, we wouldn’t be living, or learning, or human.

I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago with Elise Bresler. We’ve done a few shoots together, and I know she’s always up for doing some photos just for fun and just to see how they come out.

The shoot I planned out I decided wasn’t going to work, and instead had something else in mind, also a little bit adventurous (in photography terms). We did those pictures, and for all the reasons I mentioned before, I haven’t even looked at them. There could be a strong chance that they aren’t up to scratch. But it helps me to learning more about my own capabilities, weaknesses and to complete appreciate other photographers and artists out there that make things look so easy and have a natural vision. At first I feel resigned and deflated, and then inspired to learn more.

Anyway, here are the photos we took just for fun after the “planned photo”. I love Elise’s energy and youth in these images….her beautiful long hair and simply that we had so much fun having her jump around and fling her hair in the air.

Why do we do anything?

Elise Bresler jump

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-3

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-4

I hope that I do work on the image I had in mind, that it does come out ok, and I have the confidence to share it.

Have a wonderful day 🙂