Journey Without Maps

This is my first edited image of 2016, called Journey without Maps.

In this image I wanted to capture a Helmut Newton inspired view of women, their confidence, dominance and strength, and yet a sense of vulnerability.

I wanted to use up every part of the train and draw the eye from the first carriage to the end. I loved that you could look though every carriage, and that there were gaping holes in the ceiling, letting the sunlight in. There were also loads of holes and weak spots in the floor that were a bit worrying.

The girls were amazing, a nervous start, but once we were underway there was no stopping us.

Would you believe this train was left abandoned and burnt out in amongst some trees, on piece of land in San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain. I found it about a year previous and had been toying with what to do with it ever since.



Boards a board (1 of 63) Boards a board (36 of 63) Boards a board (37 of 63) Boards a board (44 of 63) Boards a board (45 of 63) Boards a board (56 of 63)

I took multiple images of the girls throughout the train, with a rough idea of how I wanted it to look, but only chose the final images later that evening at home.

I layered in each of the girls, with a layer mask, used a levels mask, desaturated the grass outside the windows, and brought up the colours in the graffiti and the exposure in the roof. I also added some dust and light specks.

That all sounds quite quick, but in fact it took me ages.

Final thoughts:

I feel that there is so much to explore and enjoy in photography, and I am going to do my utmost to challenge myself and learn from every picture I take.

If you like my work, or have some helpful words to share I would love to hear them.