I’ve been banging on at my husband about the distinct lack of family photos we have of the three of us together, even photos of just me and the little guy. An occupational hazard I suppose….I mean when you’re a photographer who takes photos of you.

Then all at once it came to me…..

We have a lovely Dutch photographer friend who takes beautiful images, she too has recently had a baby and I thought I bet they haven’t got any pictures of themselves either.

I suggested getting the dads, the babies and us together, and taking it in turns to take some family pictures….immediately we started talking about locations, shots, ideas….we were so excited.

We were up and out as the cock crowed and had all the images in the bag by 10am….not bad for a Sunday morning!

Here are a few pictures of Ilse, Alex and their beautiful baby Kaiyan! I hope you like them:

Thank you Alex, Ilse and Kai for such a lovely day. xxx