So which is the best season to book in a portrait session on the forest? Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. I will take you through the pros and cons of each season.

Rob from Target Ink

Summer surely is the best time?

Many people believe that Summer would be the ideal time to book in a session. In fact in the Summer, the sun rises so early and sets so late that it wouldn’t be practical to meet my clients at 5am or 10pm in order to make the most of the Summer sunshine.

Of course you can meet later, but the sun is right overhead which means that the light is flatter, less interesting, plus you’d want to compensate all those downward shadows with artificial light.

So, yes it can be done, but its not the “best time”.

Nicola from Nicola Withers Editorial Services

Winter must be the worst time, surely?

Well, yes, Winter is cold, unpredictable in this country and often raining. But if you get a good day, with clear crisp light, long shadows in the morning and the afternoon you can get some great results. But no, its not the “best time”.


Matt – Web Designer

Springtime when the flowers are in bloom?

Yes, I’d have to say, Spring offers so many opportunities for lovely light, warmer days and often my clients are really keen to start getting out of doors again.

Also, everything is starting to sprout, the daffodils come out in March, then the Bluebells, then the poppies – its truly an incredible time of year for colour in the countryside.

But is it the best time?

Cara from Cara and Co Beauty

How about Autumn?

My personal favourite time of year to book in portrait sessions is Autumn. The browns, reds and yellows are everywhere. Most places are pretty quiet. Plus its a great opportunity to make the most of the crisp weather before deep winter sets in.

So, what about you. What is your favourite season of the year?

Mimi Van Praagh

My name is Mimi, if you’d like to book in a portrait session with me, either in studio or on the forest, send me a message, tell me whether you want info on portrait or studio sessions, and when you were thinking of doing it.

Mimi Van Praagh, quite possibly the best photographer in the Tunbridge Wells area 🙂