Each month I aim to publish an interview about interesting people and their businesses.

When I first became pregnant with baby Hugo a friend pointed me in the direction of My Baby Spain, at the time a new group for mum’s to meet and share their hope and concerns about being a mum.

I went to the very first meet up, and met some lovely soon to be mum’s. We have all stayed in touch, and it was amazing to have other people local to me to share the journey toward parenthood. And saving my other non-baby friends from severe baby boredom.

My first interview is with Alana Burton, who along with Kate Barber Perez set up My Baby Spain, and asked her to share the who’s, what’s and why’s of how MBS came about.

Here’s Alana:

Alana, you set up MBS before you were even pregnant, what inspired you to start up the MBS group?

When my boyfriend and I started to talk about starting a family over here it occurred to me that I didn’t know how things happened over here – what were the hospitals like? Were there any seemingly outdated practices still active in Spain? Does the pre-natal care differ?

I set about doing some research to answer a few of my own questions and to hopefully find out much more. I came across a few websites that I felt didn’t fully answer all of my questions and left me wanting to know more.

I do a lot of online work including internet marketing and website builds so I thought it may be easier to set up a new website that would be the ideal way of finding out everything I needed to know. And that’s what I did. I try and add to it as I come across new information.

So, where do you hang out?

Wow, it’s been so long I’m almost unfamiliar with this concept! Can mother and baby groups be considered hang-outs?!

If so, that’d be me! There are some great baby swimming groups as well as local baby fun parks, such as Galaxia and Kidz Kingdom which are toward San Pedro, Bouncers in Nueva Andalucia and the Arch which is in Fuengirola.

What is your best baby buy of 2012?

Ooh, this would be a hard one…. I have enjoyed having items such as the Baby Bjorn sling, the Beaba Babycook for effective steaming, blending, cooking and defrosting of baby food, and not forgetting the the Fisher Price Rainforest swing which was invaluable for the first few months when baby won’t sleep.

Where can people find you?

I can always be reached via the My Baby Spain Facebook page

What is your new year’s resolution for 2012?

Successfully move James on to a bottle. Have a happy and healthy 12 months with him. Attempt more regular blogging on the website!

Thanks to Alana for contributed to mimiexplores. For more advice or top baby tips, head to the website or check out the MBS facebook page.