Locked In

March 1, 2011

A new task I recently set myself was to take at least one photo everyday, 365 days of the year. At first it was a bit daunting, and I have ended up taking pictures of all sorts of things, mainly household items! However, after the initial photographer´s block, it becomes quite a liberating experience especially when you get paid for taking photographs and work to specific projects.

The image above was taken at my local gym. The title relating to the fact that, yes this is a locker, but moreover because of the way modern society persuades us to conform into habits that are not individual to us. I.e. the gym membership, which hacks into your bank account on a monthly basis and snaps up your hard earned cash whether you´ve been to the gym or not. You can join when you want, but try and cancel, and there are a thousand restrictions, I wanted to pause my membership as I´m about to have a baby, but missed the deadline by a day, and even had to provide a Doctor´s note. I mean who are these people!?

Anyway, I chose this picture as it symbolises conformity, the lockers are ordered and regimented as we have to be, and we become a number, even though the receptionists do well persuading us otherwise giving us first name treatment, not because they have a clue who we are, but because the computer provides it and their training demands it…..

Lovely gym though, highly recommend it! 🙂