Where has the time gone! I don’t think I can ever promise to be a consistent blogger, but I will try harder.

I was in Madrid recently for work and caught up with a friend while I was there.

We stumbled across this installation in the Glass House in the El Buen Retiro Parque, someone took the time to wind string on the inside a million times.

What or why I do not know, but I loved messing around with the aperture.

If you have a camera that has an option other than automatic, try using Av (Aperture Priority) or manual and try and see the world a little bit blurry for a while.

I haven’t worked out how to lay out my pictures yet, which is one of the host of reasons I haven’t blogged for a while… sorry for the funny format.

The Glass House Parklife_By MimiVP-3 Parklife_By MimiVP-4 Parklife_By MimiVP-5

Happy photographing.