Do you Tweet a lot?

June 2, 2011

I headed off to my first networking event last night hoping for a bit of new business, the Marbella Tweetup…!

I came away with one photograph of the event as I enjoyed myself far too much, in my one photo is Khalifa Saber from Pretasol Energy (a self professed “retweeter), and Andres Chann who informed us both that he didn’t Tweet at all! Excellent start to the evening!!!

Chann, explained that he had two VERY major things happening, the imminent birth of his baby girl, and preparing for the opening of “China White” at Dreamers this Friday night. As assistant to Marbella’s own Johnnie B Gomez the pair have many exciting things planned for this Summer’s “China White” activities!

Well worth Tweeting about I thought!

So, overall the Tweetup was a great success, I certainly enjoyed myself and met some lovely people both new and known…..

Any business gained? Not yet! But here’s hoping πŸ™‚

Big Tweeters?