It’s hard to believe 2018 is drawing to a close.

It’s a great opportunity to look back and take stock of all that’s happened.

One of the many advantages of being a photographer is that I document events as I go and always have the ability to revisit and remember the shoots and the wonderful children and families I have met.

Bluebell girl by Mimi VP
Bluebell girl


Beautiful bluebell portraits by Miimi VP

They’re all my favourites

It’s almost impossible to pick favourites from the wide ranging selection of shoots, images and locations. But if pushed, my top three would be:

* In autumn, I photographed a one-and-a-half year old girl. Being so young, our rapport and relationship was completely different and not based on speech. She largely communicated through pointing and I caught some beautifully expressive images with a stunning autumnal backdrop.

The happiest little girl ever!

* A completely different occasion saw me meeting with a family spanning three generations, geographically distant and together again for a short time. I was able to capture their distinctive family spirit over a summery fun-filled family picnic. Encapsulating truly special family moments is a treat.

* A contrasting family dynamic presented itself with a mother and father and their 11-year-old, on the cusp of starting secondary school. Their closeness really shone through and I’m so pleased to have been able to record this time of change and transition.

Family Portrait Photography By Mimi VP
Informal family portraits

Location, location, location

I feel very fortunate to be based on the edge of Ashdown Forest, which holds a myriad of gorgeous locations. I have continued to shoot here and 2018 has also taken me to stunning Knole Park as well as the woods around Langton Green – this is fast becoming a new favourite with its rope swings, den building opportunities, bridges and foraging adventures. The bluebells in Hartfield are always delightful, albeit short-lived, so I have to keep a close eye on them and make the most of their brief appearance. And the rapeseed fields are amazing. I have to search them out as they rotate every four years and can be hard to locate. Well worth the effort though!

siblings in the rapeseed

Changing seasons

We might complain about our British weather but we are blessed with distinctive and often magnificent seasons. Spring with its bluebells is always a winner for me – children love being amongst them, they smell divine and look so vibrant and fresh. The weather was a bit challenging in bluebell season this year, but the sun did manage to shine through, allowing for some lovely shots. An increasing request in 2018 has been for more winter shoots. You might instantly think of dark and gloominess, but the atmospheric conditions bring an alternative dynamic, landscape, colours and lighting.

Walking in the rain

Little boy punching the sun
Little boy punching the sun


The weather is often a challenge although also an advantage. It can be frustrating not being able to guarantee the weather but there’s always a positive to be found. The other ever-changing element is the wide variety of characters I meet and shoot. It’s very stimulating to tease the best from every child and I come prepared for every situation! From the youngest of children to most recalcitrant of teenagers, we quickly bond and they often don’t want the session to end. If you’re interested in find out more or booking a shoot for 2019, please send me a message and I will provide you with some more information and an outline of how a booking and the shoot works.

Space is limited for specific seasons, especially bluebells, so do let me know if you’d like me to contact you once the sessions go on sale. They are also short-lived opportunities and easily missed – if you get in touch now you can always book nearer the time.

Family Portraits in East Sussex
Family Portraits in East Sussex

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