Why go anywhere else? Puerto Banus

June 15, 2011

Don’t you feel that Puerto Banus gets a bad wrap a lot of the time?

It does seem however, that the majority do seem to ignore the bad press as we still see thousands of people head PB bound every single Summer and buy into the glitterati lifestyle. Personally I choose to avoid the nighttime scene unless I can head straight to Terra Blues (probably the smallest dancing hole in town), and mainly go for long strolls with the baby buggy (complete with baby) while the sun is still shinning and everything looks picturesque and bright.

This picture I took a couple of years ago, so you may notice some differences. I love the colours of this scene, and the calming reminder of what Puerto Banus is… a beautiful port for those rich enough to moor their boats here!

Boating Banus Exhibit No 2: the beauty of Puerto Banus as the sun sets