The Pier – Marbella Club Spain

December 9, 2010

I decided to revisit a location that is close to my heart, and close to my house, it´s The Marbella Club Pier which is attached to the very exclusive Marbella Club Hotel.

Getting up before sunrise is never fun, especially for my husband who I occasional bully to come with and protect, which he does admirably.

So off we headed, with a few fervent crys from hubby that a pregnant women (that´s me) shouldn´t be getting up so early, and perhaps we should skulk off to bed. One peak through the curtains at the cloud filled sky persuaded me that I´d kick myself if we didn´t head out. So off we went into the darkness.

This pier is also the very place said husband got down on one knee and produced the ring I now wear on my finger. I was very nervous at the time, mainly because the ring wasn´t in a box when he produced it and I cupped my hand underneath it as he was proposing, fearful that it would slip between his fingers and into the waves.

I´m pleased to say we got it on my finger quick smart and two years on, and one baby on the way, and things are still as rosy as ever.

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Mimi xxx