There are so many reasons I´m glad I moved away from the UK. For one, I love the approach toward home after work, the mountains to the right, the sea to the left.

At around 3pm as I drive over the river bed also see Juan and his herd of bulls grazing in and around the Rio Verde.

Back in 2008 I went on a little walk to take photos just near here, hunting out streams in the river bed after a large rain fall. I was deep in the undergrowth, jumping on natural stepping stones in amongst the marshes. I kept finding more and more photographic opportunities, having a great time.

The sound of rustling and the snapping of twigs stopped me instantly. I looked round to get my bearings, and realised my worst fear what looked like at the time to be hundreds of young bulls heading toward me…. so far oblivious to my presence.

I think I am allowed to say that I was absolutely petrified, my skinny legs were shaking, death was coming my way.

I frantically considered my options, I had none! I was trapped!

Contemplating chucking the camera and swimming for it, I hovered about not knowing what the f to do.

When out of nowhere appeared my local hero!! Juan the Bullman, or Bullman as he was known to me then who pulled me to safety with his rather handy pole.

Hooray! Saved! Thank you Juan!

Now none of that would have happened if I lived in London would it!

Juan the Bullman with his horse!