Sibling portrait session tn7

This sibling portrait session was held back during quite a cold spell. One of the reasons I love on location portrait sessions is part of the unexpected challenge the weather might bring.

On this Sunday, the air was cold and crisp, and the sun was piercing and bright.

However, because it was really ridiculously cold, we started the day inside. The boys showed me around their amazing attic playroom, which had everything a boy would dream of. Playmobil, scalalectrix, a grocery store, a space hopper.

The boys were 5 and 7, so at that lovely age where everything is an adventure. After they showed me round, we decided to test out the cold and see how long we lasted.

This photo has become one of my all time favourites because it embraces the things I loved about this day, the piercing sun, the cold crisp light, and the pose says, “it might be cold, but let’s see what pictures we can make!”

I think that people often think it’s a strange idea to be taking portraits out in the colder weather. But after all, this British weather makes us who we are. There is no point pretending that we are constantly dancing in the sunlight when half the time we are dodging the raindrops.

My focus when I came back from sunny Marbella was to enjoy the dramatic weather, the beautiful seasonal changes of the East Sussex countryside and relish the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, whilst taking photographs families will look back at fondly year after year.

So far I’m having a great time. If you would like to join me on a portrait adventure, whether it be a child or family session, or a family event, please get in touch at and we can talk more about taking portraits that are personal to your family.