The beauty of photographing interiors for me, is for me very calming experience, moving around just me and my tripod finding the best angles and discussing in my head the best exposure.

I wanted to share images from a photo shoot I took a while back that I didn’t have a chance to post at the time. Every room is so beautifully designed and the designers were getting ready for the clients to come back for the big reveal.

Being an interior designer must be very stressful, having somebody’s home in your hands, judging their taste, their needs and all the time being aware of the functional as well as the aesthetic experience.

When I look into a home like this, without knowing who lives here I start creating a story in my mind of who is lives here and what kind of things they like to do, and its all so full of promise and laughter, how can I not love photographing interiors!

The Lounge, Interior design Photography Marbella

A perfectly designed kitchen

Pink for her

Blue for him

The games room

And the video room


and the guest room, the perfect enticement.

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