I’ve been taking it easy since Amelia’s been born and not taken on too much work.

But who can refuse their husband! He’s a partner in Pretasol Lighting, they’ve done so many projects over the years but often don’t get a chance to document their work before having to move on to the next job.

They are now in the process of creating a dazzling new website to showcase their offerings, and of course they’ll need some images.

Our first photo project was for Bliss Hair Salon in Guadalmansa. Pretasol basically replaced their light fittings to reduce their consumption….saving them a bundle of cash each month. Happy days! The salon is gorgeous and they give a quality hair cut too!

Here are the photos:-

202_Bliss_Pretasol (13 of 24)-Edit


202_Bliss_Pretasol (22 of 24)-Edit


202_Bliss_Pretasol (21 of 24)

If you need to showcase your work in photos please give me a call on 673 296 412 and I’d be happy to provide a value for money quote.

Have a great week. 🙂