I like to think so!

As I can´t go out too much nowadays (Motheritus) I´ve decided to bake something really scrumcious every Sunday and serve up afternoon tea. Here´s my first try at all butter biscuits:

I got to use my heart shaped cutter which I´m using for everything at the moment.

….So I thought I should throw in a few other shapes to even it out 🙂

They came out really well, which rather surprised me.

If you want to try them, this is what you´ll need:

250g of unsalted butter

140g of sugar

300 g of plain flour

1 egg yolk

2 tps of Vanilla extract

Choc chips, jam, and icing sugar and a lemon for the lemony ones

What to do:

Mix up the sugar and butter – with hands

Add sieved flour and egg yolk – first with a wooden spoon, then your hands.

Roll it into a massive ball, cover with cling film and throw in the fridge for 30mins


For plain ones: Roll out and make shapes and pop in a pre heated over at 180!

After 15 mins, take out, cool, eat.

For the icing sugar variation: mix 140g of Icing sugar with 4 tlsp of lemon and add zest. Dip the cooled biscuits, dry and eat!

For the choc chip version: Add choc chip bits to the outside and roll out.

Delicious with tea, which happens to be my favorite drink!

M x