Last month I was approached my an old friend who was launching a range of Argentinian food products. She asked me if I could photograph a selection of shots for their website and other printed materials…….naturally I was delighted.

I started exploring what was out there by way of other chimichurri products, and I have to say was a bit disappointed by what was out there. I had my own vision as to what I wanted to do, but also decided to draw on some of the big names in fast moving consumer goods to see what they were doing. I wanted to produce some standard product shots, but also wanted to add some lifestyle images into the mix. I almost had too many ideas and not enough time.

So here’s the final outcome! Overall I was quite pleased with the final selection, but there’s always room for improvement! 🙂

Chimichuri on white background

Chimichuri table layout

Chimichuri -66

Chimichuri nighttime lifestyle shot

Dulce de leche with pancakes

Chimichuri daytime lifestyle shot

A big big thanks, to our friends Mr and Mrs Booker for modelling in exchange for steak and to my husband for being the perfect photographic assistant and chief taster. I couldn’t have done it with out them. 🙂