So I thought I’d kick start the new year with a self portrait edit. I was going to work on a portrait I did of my husband and I outside the church we got married, but as we had an argument this evening, it didn’t seem appropriate and this title certainly seemed to fit the bill of my current situation better. :-z

It represents how we act as individuals and how dramatically behaviour and personality can alter depending on the situation and the level of stress imposed in the moment. Sometimes I’m so surprised at my actions that when I look back I feel like I was watching someone else or I was acting out a role. Times when I should gather all my strength I become weak and quiet, and other times I can do nothing but give way to the inner determination that makes my decisions for me come what may.

So this image makes up the different me’s in the same situation but coming from a different point of view….the me without a weapon, taken by surprise and biding time & the other me that pounces from the shadows without warning or fear for the consequences.

Right, so now off to make amends with my husband…..that’s not going to be easy. 🙁

My own worst enemy A Self portrait
My own worst enemy A Self portrait