Finding and creating the photo ((above)):

This is the Hotel Montreal, the destination of our Summer holiday in Benicassim (Spain) this year.

I pretty much started looking for self portrait opportunities as soon as we stepped on to the forecourt of the hotel, I had no idea if I was really going to find anything I could use as a location.

Hotel Montreal, Benicassim Spain, (Film)
Hotel Montreal, Benicassim Spain, (Film)


I spotted the fire escape of the Hotel Montreal, which was just the left of this picture (shame I didn’t get a proper photo of it to show you). As soon as I saw it, I started wondering if I could get out there, and on closer inspection of the hotel I soon discovered that the fire doors did open, and weren’t alarmed 🙂 And generally there were less people about just after lunch. I was very excited, and nervous at this point, so I decided, sooner rather than later.

As soon as my hubby, babe, and hopefully the rest of the hotel were taking a siesta I ventured out on to the ever so slightly trembling mental stair structure with my tripod, camera and remote control with a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve.

Taking the photo:

The fear of getting caught and the anticipation of getting a shot that worked was almost too much to bear. I gave myself half an hour on the stop watch and experimented with different poses, ducking down on the steps if I heard voices or saw shadows on the hotel landing. I also had a touch of vertigo as the stairs moved under me as I went up and down checking my camera for the results. My half an hour was up pretty quickly and I called it a day not really knowing if I had anything in camera.

Seeing what works
Seeing what works

Making the photo:

I decided on my final choice when I was back home after the holiday, and it was only in the editing process that I decided to add the outline of a victim down below on the forecourt as I felt that something more was needed, to give girl something to be staring at.

The final result:

Causing a scene, A self portrait
Causing a scene, A self portrait

I’m fairly happy with the result, I especially love the yellow of the corrugated iron, the play of the shadows and bright cool sunlight surrounding the building. I added grain later as I wanted to give it a film like, murder mystery effect to the overall story.

I hope you like the final outcome a slither of the amount I enjoyed making it.

More adventures soon, I hope. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!