The Big Draw if you don’t already know about it is the world’s largest drawing festival and charity events are being carried out throughout the UK as we speak, designed to promote visual learning through the universal language of drawing.

For the second year running the HARTS society held a Big Draw Event in Hartfield, East Sussex. This year I put my name down to volunteer and was asked to document the event in images. It was a great opportunity to be involved and to be able to contribute doing something that I love.

The Big Draw event was held at St Mary the Virgin Church in Hartfield but promoted and organised by Hartfield’s Cultural and Arts society, (HARTS), the event was also supported by St Mary’s school next door which happens to be where my little boy Hugo goes to.


The Big Draw 2016, St Mary The Virgin Church, Hartfield

The turn out was brilliant, and everyone was intently drawing, sculpting or creating light shows.

We were greeted by Bernie who provided everyone with a map of what was in store.

A map of The Big Draw

There were a variety of art stations, which included:

Drawing to music: This involved having access to headphones and an mp3 player to transport you to another zone whilst drawing.

Two children drawing to music

A pair of headphones, drawing and crayons

Clay Sculpting: getting your hands dirty and creating something unique.

Lots of people having a go at clay drawing

Two teenagers clay drawing

Plates of clay creations

Simply Drawing: – pen and paper, what more is needed?

A sign of Simply drawing in the church



Light shows: This was one of the most popular sections. Paper discs, transparent paper of different colours, and hole punches with strange shapes encouraged the participants to make their own light show. Inside a home made tent, the disc was put over the light, and spun round.

A little girl looking into the light

A grandmother and granddaughter working together


Two girls creating something together

A child with a disc for the light show

A dad and his daughter creating a light disc


And another, that seemed to have everyone engrossed and looked very mechanical, using discs and rulers to create weird an wonderful patterns.

The Big Draw 2016, Hartfield East Sussex

It was great to see people of all ages getting involved, and many people stayed for the duration.

An older lady engrossed in drawing

On the whole everyone was so engrossed that they were completely unaware of me taking photos.

A little boy drawing, with other children around him


Overall it was a great success and kept everyone busy for most of the day.

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