What to wear for a Winter Portrait Session

All to often when we think about portrait sessions we think of Summer dresses and warm weather and we forget all about Autumn and Winter.

Yet Autumn and Winter have so much to offer in terms of photography options! The light is amazing, the shadows are long and heavenly, and lets face it, winter fashion has so much more to offer.

If you’re thinking about booking a Winter portrait session, and wondering what to wear, read on:

These are my top 5 tips for what to wear for a Winter Portrait Session:-

No 1.Hats and accessories:

There are so many hats to choose from, berets, bobble hats, peak caps, flying caps with so many style options to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Accessories can really add some depth to an outfit. Team the hat, with a pair of mittens or gloves, a long scarf or even a pair of ear muffs.

No 2. Natural fabrics:

My personal photographic style is a classical look, so naturally I prefer clothing choices that reflect that. Wools and cottons work beautifully for a muted timeless look.

No 3. Your Sunday best:

I don’t think you can ever dress up too much for photos, you might feel slightly out of place standing in a woods in your best party outfit instead of your old muddy jeans, but in your final photos you’ll look nothing but fabulous!

No 4. Layers:

Why layers? Well for one, it’s an outdoor portrait session, so you’ll want to wrap up warm. Second, it gives the photos more variety. The hat can come off, the coat can be opened, and all of a sudden one picture will completely different to another. – See Archie’s picture lower down.

No 5. Textures not patterns:

My final piece of advice when choosing a portrait outfit. Patterns can tend to be a bit distracting. However textures, for a Winter shoot, like lovely wool plaids add a feeling of quality and warmth!

East Sussex Child Portrait Photogrgaohy by Mimi VP Photography

In this photo all we did was take the hood down, and the coat off.

Going Shopping

I’m sure you have all you need in your wardrobe. But if you’re looking for some new wardrobe additions, or simply want some inspiration here are some links of shops I love right now-

So now you know what to wear for a Winter Portrait Session to make sure you stay warm and look fabulous!

I specialise in classical portraits of childhood adventures, but I think these tips can extend to other types of portrait session too.

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