1. What images do you like most from their gallery? It might be a good idea to share with the photographer what images you liked most, not only will they be flattered, they will ensure that they create similar image ideas with you in mind.
  2. Is their style what you’re looking for? It goes without saying, if you want a different style of photography, then choose the photographer that most fits your requirements.
  3. How many years have they been photographing for? Experience isn’t everything, but it certainly helps. Having all the kit is one thing, but learning how to use it, how to ensure that you have the correct depth of field, whilst posing a person, ensuring the light is correct, avoiding those fixed fake smiles and making the experience an enjoyable one doesn’t come overnight.
  4. Do they specialise in the area of photography you are looking for? Taking interior photographs is quite different from taking event photography is quite different from taking portraits, and taking children’s or pet’s portraits is again another ball game. One isn’t easier that another, they simply each have their own challenges that you learn more about as you develop as a photographer.
  5. Are there examples of testimonials on their website? Quite simply would previous clients recommend them, and do those comments address what you’re looking for?
  6. What is their cancellation policy? You don’t want to find you’re out of pocket, because you are unable to make it due to illness.
  7. Is there a minimum spend on purchasing products? Often photography businesses will tell you about their next to nothing session fee and free framed product and fail to tell you about the minimum order on other products. Obviously photographers have to earn their keep but its only fair to know how much you’re expected to spend.
  8. Do they seem too cheap? Too good to be true? It could be for some of the reasons I mentioned above, or you could have struck photography gold!
  9. Do you absolutely love their work? The answer should be yes, if not, keep looking.
  10. How far in advance do you have to book? Some photographers will book have a long waiting list, or like me will only take a certain number of bookings in a month.
  11. Will they provide tips on what to wear? Some photographers are happy for their clients to turn up in any outfit, in particular with documentary photography. However, clothes make a big statement in a portrait, whether its a child or family portrait. Old t-shirts and garden trousers are probably best avoided.
  12. Are they confident in coming up with ideas? So you talk about your session. Do you talk about location and styles or are they keener to talk about dates and reservations? If so, they may lack creative finesse and you could be heading for a disappointment.
  13. Apart from yourself is there anything else you need to bring? A change of clothing? Accessories, toys, props? Again, this comes under ideas, styling and what you have already seen from their work
  14. Do you have a rapport with your photographer? If you don’t feel the love on the phone or in person there’s a strong chance this will come out in your photos too.
  15. Do you know what you want to do with the photos? Did you want a large framed print for the living room? Or were you thinking of a collage or smaller print sizes. Its worth sharing this information with your photographer beforehand so they take photos with your needs in mind.
  16. Have you seen their full list of prints and products? This goes hand in hand with point 15 and point 7 in deciding what you need or want.
  17. How long will it take before you see the images? Typically most portrait sessions take between 10 days and 14 days to edit and be ready for viewing.
  18. How are the photos presented to you? Will this be via an online gallery or in the comfort of your own home?
  19. When will you get the final prints and products? Hopefully you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 7 days for your delivery to arrive.
  20. Do they offer any discounts? Perhaps an early booking discount fee, or a discount if you spend over a certain amount. Its always worth asking!
  21. Are you happy with all the answers? If the answers yes, then you’re ready to book your session.