An Autumnal Portrait Session

I met Archie because his mum responded to a recent casting call. I was looking for a boy or girl up for running around the East Sussex countryside. Looking at the photos that Archie’s mum sent me I thought he would be perfect. He looked like a charismatic boy who was chatty, engaging and ready for fun. This session is part of my series, Portrait of a boy in Autumn, East Sussex.

Close up of a little boy in a jumper


How we decided on clothes

In my sessions outfits play a big part in the final outcome of the pictures, so I really enjoy discussing options with parents, and if I can will bring some items too. Between Archie’s mum and I, we agreed on wellies, darkish trousers, a cable knit jumper and a classic black duffle coat.

Little boy smiling into the camera in the woods


Little boy standing with leaves

How the session went

We met up at 8am, not too far from my house in Hartfield. Archie and I started chatting like old friends as soon as we met, and so it was decided that we would leave mum to read a book and have some quiet time.

As soon as we started walking Archie, said “By the way; I’m the second fastest runner in my class; my birthday is in January and I love building dens”. From that moment on I knew we were going to be friends. We ran, walked, explored, collected and chatted all the way…..and took some photos as we went.


Little boy standing with a stick


The best second best thing about taking photographs is receiving positive feedback after a session. This is what Archie’s mum had to say about the day: –

For me the best thing about the photo session was that Archie was so happy and relaxed with Mimi, it wasn’t like going to have pictures taken, but more like making a new friend. I knew that if he was that content that the images would be relaxed, natural and show his true personality.

Black and white close up boy in duffle coat

I think that its so important that children can be themselves and that they have a fun day that results in having some lovely photographs to mark a special part of their childhood.

My seasonal calendar for 2017

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