1. Get down to their level – Rather than take all your photos from your level, try bending your knees. You’d be amazed at what a difference this one technique makes. Ways to take better childrens photographs-4
  2. Stop calling their name – get your camera ready, and wait, with any luck they will suddenly wonder where you are and turn their eyes to you, and even if they don’t, it might still make a good picture.Ways to take better childrens photographs-6
  3. Get them to do something – try asking your children to run a race, or see how high they can jump. Ways to take better childrens photographs-2
  4. Get in close – Get their head full frame in the shot, focusing on the eyes.Ways to take better childrens photographs-1
  5. Step back – take in the whole view, so that the place tells as much of a story as them in it. Day 63 Family VP (34 of 76)
  6. Change perspective – for example if your child is reading a book, or eating cake, you could take the photo from above them looking down. Day 16 Amelia and cake
  7. Ask them to close their eyes – and think of an amazing gift, and on the count of three ask them to open they eyes – and click!Ways to take better childrens photographs-3
  8. Walk behind them – for some reason a photo of your child or children walking or running a long makes a great shot.Ways to take better childrens photographs-5