For me the best and worst thing about photography is it doesn’t matter how prepared you are, anything can happen. And I feel this is especially with baby photography.

Before 5 week old Emilia Grace came to the studio, I prepared as much as possible. I had all sorts of scarves for her, flower head-dresses and a big furry throw for her to lie on, the heaters were on so she wouldn’t get cold, and there was a place for mum to sit and feed with a large glass of water so she wouldn’t get thirsty.

When she arrived, she was fast asleep and looking as cute as can be. It was a shame to get her out of her pram. We managed to change her into her first outfit and grab a shot of her in slumbering bliss.

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-1

And then that was it for Emilia Grace’s sleeping moments. She was up! 🙂

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-5

Many photographers will only take photos of newborns in their first 7 – 10 days of birth. This is because typically they sleep about 17 hours a day and stay curled up as though they were still in the womb. I remember this with Hugo, and was lulled in the a false sense of security thinking, this baby malarky is easy!

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-6

However, I think babies are just as cute when they’re awake as when they’re sleeping, for one you get to capture the colour of their beautiful eyes and some memorable moments in the arms of their parents.

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-2

At the time I wasn’t sure if I had anything in camera, and I was pretty nervous that I’d let them down. I’d taken pictures of her older brother 3 years previous, and they had loved them. Luckily on revisiting the final selection at the editing stage I was hopeful that they’d love these too. And they did. 🙂

Emilia Grace - Baby portraits Marbella-3

Its such a privilege to be one of the first people outside of circle of close friends and family to meet their little treasures. For that reason I want to make sure that the photos they have to mark those early days images they will want to look at again and again.

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