You think you won’t be one of those parents that gush over their kids and blind people with a zillions photos, and then before you know it, you’re pulling out your iPhone at a moments notice.

I was sorting through all of my images from last year and found these photos I took on my film camera when he was 18 months old and had all that baby fat. Getting slightly scared about having a new baby in the house and remembering all the sleepless nights it was a welcome piece of nostalgia.

I used to say that when people tell you all its all worth it when you look into their eyes, that they were lying…..I was joking of course. But now looking back, I really do appreciate the love and selflessness being a parent brings.

Sometimes it takes a photo to realise all that!

Hugo - 18 months, on film

Hugo 18 months on film

Hugo 18 months on film

Hugo 18 months on film
To our little ones 🙂