I didn’t plan to start a 365 project, I’d thought about it, and decided that as a mum I was too busy, but….

Hormones were causing me unnecessary grief, and when I friend (that I had seriously upset) suggested that I do this project it sounded like a good idea, to try out anyway. To take 1 minute, everyday to take a photo, and post it.

A lot of the first days I had planned some shots in my mind, none of which were worked for me, so I had to abandon ship and go with the flow, but I still enjoyed the process.

So my personal lesson learnt this week is: You can’t control what happens to you, but you can choose how to experience it….. and I need to remind myself of that, not just with photography.

Here are the photos I took each day, last week.

Day 1 Run to the Sun 365 Project
Day 1 Run to the Sun
Day 2, 365 Project (3 of 3)
Day 2 Hair Face and Lace
Day 3, 365 Project (42 of 93)
Day 3 In the wings
Day 3 Weekend Chill
Day 4 Weekend Chill

So that’s all, for now. Have a great start to your week, whatever it may bring.