365 project, week two.




Here are my pictures for the last 5 days, one for each day.

Day 5: The Sign of Love

Day 8_The Sign of Love


Day 6: The Plane

Day 5, The Plane


Day 7: Inside Out

Day 6, Inside Outside


Day 8 : Hair and Hairdryer

Day 7, Hair & Hairdryer



Day 9: Vintage Heartache

Day 9, Vintage Heartaches

Day 10: Portrait of a feminist

Day 10 Portrait of a feminist

On week two of photos and still going. This week, all but one of the images were at home, for two reasons:- 1. its literally ice cold outside at the moment and 2. because the only time I had to take an photos was in the evening.

I know which pictures I prefer, but I couldn’t tell you why. I feel that the first image, “The sign of love” is possibly the weakest image.

I like “The Plane”, mainly as I had given up on getting the shot (bad mood or something), and actually I more or less achieved what I was looking for. However, if I hadn’t given up so early on in the shooting, I would probably have achieved a better result….so lesson learnt here.

And strangely my favourite is “Hair and Hairdryer”, and I just couldn’t tell you why. Also, I like “Portrait of a feminist”, but wonder if its obvious that I’m shaving or if that bit of the image doesn’t actually compute with people.

Anyway, it’ll be good to look at these blogs to see how things develop.

Tomorrow I’m going to Photo50, can’t wait!

Let’s see what next week brings.