These blogs are really letters to myself, about my photos and how to improve.

Here are my favourite images for January, and, where I’m going right, and where I’m going wrong. And what to do for February.

So, I think my favourite images for January are:-


Day 21 Balance 1

The hairdryer


The plane (but could have been done better)

Day 5, The Plane

Run for the sun (is my favourite and in fact the first photo of the 365 project, they should be getting better not worse!)

Day 1 Run to the Sun 365 Project

The cardigan shot

Day 16_Cosy


Interestingly, two (Balance & The hairdryer) where inspired by the theme app I was using called Mission:Pic. The cardigan and run for the sun were pictures done in the moment. And the plane shot was one I had drawn out in advance… no real obvious better way of working.

What goes wrong?

However, it really frustrates me when I haven’t got any idea at all and nothing is working, so I would like a few more prepared ideas the week before to draw upon. I’m not sure if the theme a day is actually hindering my creativity.

What goes right?

I guess I get a picture in the end, and even if I don’t feel like it, by the time I’m finished I feel energised, so it has some sort of therapy elements.

Other do’s and don’ts:

DON’T:- Check the mission:pic theme at 10 at night and expect not to get frustrated.

DO: Check it first thing and get the creative brain turned on.

DON’T Shoot aimlessly, changing your mind and doing something completely different, and then go back to the original idea (although this sometimes works!)

DO: Have a clear(er) idea of the picture, and maybe even draw it out.

DON’T Keep a backlog of images and forget the order you took them.

DO: Post them on all social media the same day.

DON’T Loose touch with the other photo ideas you have in your brain bank because you’re doing a photo a day. – Or worry that you won’t achieve the image in your brain bank and choose something easier, less risky and potentially boring.

DO: Write down some of the ideas (in a blog), also write them on paper and pick one out each week to do…..boom!